HfSW goes India

2018 marked the formal opening of the University Federation of South west (HfSW) –India  Contact Office. Let's bridge IT (www.lets-bridge-it.com), the HfSW Contact Office, located in Pune is mandated to raise the visibility of HfSW in order to invite more Indian students to study within the Partner Universities of HfSW in South-West Germany.

Furthermore, we  organize visits from HfSW Partners to India and vice versa. LBIT supports Indian educational institutions, government agencies and industry to build a mutual beneficial collaboration like joint research, faculty exchanges, summer schools, student exchange and various learning models.

LBIT supports Indian students and their queries related to application or entry requirements for a particular university from the HfSW group.

If you have questions, pls get in touch:


Let’s bridge IT

Contact office of University Federation South West Germany (HfSW)

Ms. Betty Samuel Huber & Iris Becker M.A.

Sunit Capital | 9th Floor | Senapati Bapat Road | Pune 411016

Mobile +91 7378530550

Email   bhuber(at)lets-bridge-it.com

www.hfsw.de | www.lets-bridge-it.com